GeoLocation pinpoints the location of cameras and video to geographical locations.  GeoLocation captures the position of the camera, its line of sight, and extracts location of observed objects with unprecedented accuracy


EO-IR-Tracking allows an equipped camera to track a subject within the camera’s range, ensuring a subject of interest never leaves the view.  EO-IR-Tracking is optimized for visible and thermal imagery, and has the power for 365/24/7 continuous operation.  EO-IR-Tracking provides excellent observation for static and dynamic objects.  Take advantage of the vast and field-proven experience of NextVision’s EO-IR-Tracking.

Video Compression & IP Encapsulation.jpg

Compression & IP Encapsulation 

The Compression and IP Encapsulation accessory offers high-end, low-latency video compression and IP encapsulation of video.  Video is rendered with high-quality, H264-compliant video compression, maintaining NextVision’s top video quality.


SBUS/PWM Adapter 

SBUS/PWM Adapter enables operators to control NextVision’s cameras using a remote control through PWM or S-Bus interface.  SBUS/PWM Adapter perfectly fit radio control systems, such as those from Futaba,JR & Frsky, allowing for quick and simple integration with powerful controllers.

Video Compression & IP Encapsulation.jpg


NextVision cameras record high quality video, attach GPS metadata to video files, and take snapshots, and is captured to MicroSD cards for easy access and expansion.


The retraction feature enables camera operators to deploy and retracts cameras during operation, keeping cameras safe and protected when not in active use.

Camera Mounting & Vibration Dampers 

Mounts and vibration dampers enable operators to mount NextVision cameras horizontally or vertically and isolate camera from platform vibrations, providing lightweight yet strong mounting solutions to ensure perfect stability.