NextVision’s stabilized cameras are the ultimate choice for professionals in the oil and gas industry.  NextVision’s cameras are small and lightweight, allowing for implementation in even the most restrictive of locations.

NextVision’s cameras enable to access both offshore and onshore sites, and offer new capabilities that reduce cost and operational risk while also improving efficiency.  The combination of visible and thermal imagery enables operators to detect oil spills and gas leakages and track their spreading, making it faster and easier to identify and respond to emergencies.

  • The versatility of NextVision cameras makes it easy to perform a variety of critical tasks, including:
  • Monitoring pipelines for leaks and vandalism
  • Evaluating operations on large oil fields
  • Inspecting “hard to reach” places such as offshore rigs
  • Monitoring staff and contractors
  • Detecting oil spills and assessing their damage
  • Facility security