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NextVision is the market leader in the field of micro stabilized gimballed cameras.  We offer the widest range of field-proven stabilized cameras and accessories for commercial, industrial and security applications.  The cameras can be mounted on ground, aerial and maritime platforms, and are the preferred choice where low SWaP2 (Size, Weight, Power and Price) without compromising performance is a key requirement.

NextVision’s cameras provide several advantages to the user:

  • Weight is significantly low

  • Size is considerably small

  • Power consumption is very low

  • Reliability is outstanding

  • Cost advantage is significant

The reasons for selecting NextVision for your project:

  • Company Focus – NextVision focuses on the 90-800 gram stabilized camera market segment, and only releases finished products, saving customers time and money.

  • Field-Proven Products - NextVision’s cameras are in extensive use all over the world, and are thoroughly tested before ever being sent to customers to ensure only the best product experience.

  • Vast Experience –NextVision has ten years of experience as a company designing, manufacturing, and selling 90-800 gr miniature cameras, providing the company valuable experience to sell cameras with confidence in the product and industry, and customers expert guidance in purchasing and using NextVision cameras.

  • Wide offering/Seamless switching – NextVision offers 6 leading camera models ranging from 90-800 gr in weight, providing a variety of options to choose from. The wide range of cameras means wide range of pricing. Regardless of your needs or budget, NextVision has the camera you need, and allows you to work within your budget with ease.

  • One-Stop Shop – We provide 5 different camera models and a variety of accessories, including ObjectTracking, GeoLocation, VideoCompression and IP Encapsulation, as well as VideoRecording, Retracting, PWM, cables, stands and more, addressing all your current and future needs.